I’ve read so many blogs on life, relationships etc. What should a man do? What should a man be? How should we act? How should we “chèche la femme” in a world that caters for the young and beautiful – when we are older, wrinkled but filled with wisdom?

Many blogs have I read are a guide for the younger man, the confused man, the effete, the inept. Now at the grand age of 50 (where did the years go by?), with divorce on the (near) horizon, I have decided to try to get my thoughts and philosophy in order. They say each journey starts with a single step – this is mine – to me.

If any one finds this site (in amongst the millions out there) hopefully this will be of some value if not a little light entertainment. I do not claim to be a sage nor qualified to comment on psychology. These are just the ramblings of someone pressing the reset button on their life.


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