Buying the Hollywood myth

hollywoodI don’t watch TV as much as I used to. I have never been a fan of soaps nor reality shows – especially the fame and talent variety – which seem to dominate the schedules. In fact I can say pretty much that I have rarely ever watched them. These days I’m also cutting back on the news.

I have become rather bored with it all now. Both TV news and newspapers seem to serve up the same themes over and over again. Short term doom never really seems to come to pass. This is nothing new.

In my ruminations for this post I was reminded of a quote “there is nothing new under the sun”. While this post not a religious treatise, you should read the book of Ecclesiastes. It contains wisdom that dates back some 2500 years but still resonates today.

The text can be regarded as somewhat melancholy. Life is meaningless. You are nothing. But there are also some amazing, uplifting insights in it. “A time for everything”. It is also followed by the Song of Solomon – a poem to love for you romantics. This is how men and women should be with each other. Not a PUA. Not a Slut.

She: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for your love is more delightful than wine. Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out. No wonder the young women love you! Take me away with you—let us hurry! Let the king bring me into his chambers.”

So dear reader – you ask, what is he rambling on about? Where is this post going? ….

Well, yesterday I did watch some TV. Man TV! I started with Top Gear. A juvenile, contrived program I know, but a breath of fresh air with its non-PC take on the world. I think Clarkson’s haters on the internet dwarf those of ROK (with their recent viral eating disorders, tongue-in-cheek post). This was followed by a documentary which he [Clarkson] presented on WW2 Convoy PQ17 – that was a man’s world. Not too many babes on those ships methinks.

I switched channels and relapsed with a film I have watched a few times (“mainly in the company of ex-Mrs MD” he pleads in mitigation): Pretty Woman. Difficult to believe that it is nearly a quarter of a century old! On-line sources state that it was originally conceived as “a dark cautionary tale about class and prostitution in Los Angeles”. Hollywood turned it into a high budget chick flick. I now have a new take on it (damn this awakening!!!).

The film shows the AFBB premise to those who care to look. It also shows woman’s nature as well. Now I’m not going to judge prostitution, or what people are prepared to do with their lives. The film’s central messages can be viewed at many levels. Redemption. Pursuit of money at all costs and more. The superficial message is for girls: “I can do anything I want” and still “one day I will find my prince”.

Well let’s prick that last balloon. A rich, high value man might screw a pro, but is unlikely ever to LTR her. I suspect the reason why Pretty Woman 2 was never made was that following access to money & lifestyle, the transformation from Alpha corporate raider to soppy white knight, the sequel would have revealed him quite unattractive to her. Ergo, ex wife, ex dog, ex girlfriend and more. This all has an inevitability from Mr Lewis’ perspective so no sequel there.

Myth vs Reality

Vivian’s role does not change, she is still screwing men for money; just it is now not illegal. Julia Roberts stated in 2010 “There Won’t Be a Pretty Woman Sequel Because No One Wants to See an Old Hooker”. So even she accepts – subliminally – that the relationship could not last. The sequel here would be a film about a self-obsessed, narcissistic aged hooker trying to find her next tingle. Not surprised that there is no appetite here either (thank goodness!).

Life’s reality is much harsher than the Hollywood myth. Post wall woman finds her monied “Prince” is unlikely to give her the tingles (divorce him & next please). If he does give her the tingles (has game) he is likely to have choices. He won’t be doing much more than a quick dally into slut land (then next please). LTR Pretty Woman style is not one that could succeed in life. Many a chick or AFC white knight might dream about it though.

So does life imitate art or art reflect life? Hollywood, and the media in general, are selling the myth. You need your wits about you.

Who is like the wise?
Who knows the explanation of things?
A person’s wisdom brightens their face
and changes its hard appearance.

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