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subtitled “on the idea of attracting a woman 10 years younger using the internet”

So having joined (anonymously) a number of “dating sites”. Free ones, to be fair at this stage, in an effort to see the lay of the land. There seem to be 3 types of women. At one end a good few land whales (I do believe they are labelled FUB’s in the manosphere) – think I’ll pass. At the other end 20 somethings who are trying to get me to “chat” using some really naff text speak “u wana chat hun?” – Gove has a lot to answer for! These chats seem to be offering some sort of webcam action with, presumably, credit cards emptied at the end (I’m reminded of Bloodnok’s regimental oath “Open your wallets and say after me: “Help yourself”” at this point) – think I’ll pass on these as well.

The middle ground, I have to say, did not initially look too bad. Women of an age and experience who would be a good fun match. You then start to see the red flags. The pets – cats & dogs, the extensive lists of likes & dislikes. The profiles look like there must be some internet dating profile generator for women. “I’m an [optimistic; loving; kind; gentle….] person who wants [to travel; to walk, to dance, to cuddle….] looking for “the one” …..blah blah”. Very few original, striking or amusing narratives.  Photos generally suck as well – out of focus selfies, photos from better times with ex [husband, partner, boyfriend, BFF] badly cropped out using photoshop, photos with kids & pets…  Agghhh

I mean – FFS – ladies if you are paying money on a dating site [or even using a free one – your time & effort have a cost as well] – get a decent photo [men do go initially on looks – sad though we are] and market yourself. If you know the kind of bloke you want – your profile should jump out and give him the “Glaswegian kiss”. You wouldn’t go to party dressed in track suit bottoms, why market your self to thousands of potential “the ones” like this? Otherwise, to quote a manosphere blog, “Smells like cats, dildos, and lonely in there…” – read the Plankton or other blogs for proof.

On the whole, my initial view is that I have decided that fun be the focus of this on-line dating lark. The aim to meet a few women (well those who would demean themselves to reply to my overtures) and go do some fun things – to travel, to walk, to dance…..

Anyone know some good sites?

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  1. seattlegraphix says:

    Nice post. Glad to know there are others out there with similar experiences in online dating. 🙂 It’s fun isn’t it? (please note, that was heavily laced with sarcasm). I think the whole game of dating has changed so drastically from what it was. Not sure yet if it’s better or worse, maybe it’s just different. 🙂

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